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Calling All Myspace Junkies

How many of you MySpace and Facebook junkies would like to get paid every time some other equally-bored soul clicks on to your profile? How much would it change your attitude towards online social networking if you made more money based on how many friends you have, or how popular your photos and blogs are?

Y U W I E and it's rapidly-growing user base are finding out. Y U W I E is a new social networking site with one important difference: users earn a commission for every time somebody else clicks onto one of their profile pages.

Money talks. Especially really, really easy money--money that users are making for time they'd otherwise be wasting on MySpace or Facebook anyway. The radical idea that fuels Y U W I has the potential to completely change the face of online social networking in several ways.

Best case scenario: people will strive to make their pages better so that they get more page views; users will begin to design their layouts more carefully (and less annoyingly)... who knows, people might even begin to spell-check their profile content. Wouldn't that be something?

The most important impact Y U W I E could have on the social networking scene is a long-term one: the eventual eradication of MySpace and Facebook. Once users realize that they can start making money using Y U W I E, the incentive to use MySpace, Facebook, or any other social networking site completely evaporates. Unless MySpace and Facebook start paying their users, Y U W I E (and the inevitable rip-offs to come) will destroy them.

Y U W I E has photo pages and built-in blogging capability, just like MySpace and Facebook. Y U W I E has "clubs", just like MySpace and Face book "groups". Y U W I E allows you to comment on other users' content, just like a Facebook wall post or a MySpace comment. Y U W I E has privacy settings which allow you to block and filter other users, just like MySpace or Facebook. So why would anybody continue to use MySpace or Facebook when they can get paid for doing the exact same crap on Y U W I E? Loyalty is unlikely to be an issue, since most of us are loyal to the almighty dollar above anything else in the first place.

I'm sure you're all dying to know how this works. We're all so used to getting nothing but Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for our MySpace and Facebook efforts that the idea of getting paid for social networking seems impossible at first. But the theory behind Y U W I E is actually very simple. Like thousands of other sites on the internet, Y U W I E is powered by advertising funds. The only real difference between Y U W I E and MySpace is that Y U W I E allows some of those big advertising dollars to trickle down to its users.

The cryptic formula for how Y U W I E users are paid is as follows:

RSR x (Page Views/1000) x Level Percentage = Your Earnings

This formula is taken directly from Y U W I E . C O M s "help" section-"RSR" stands for "Revenue Sharing Rate". "Level Percentage" has to do with how many friends you've referred to Y U W I E and how well they're doing on the site--basically a number that represents how cool, popular, awesome, sweet, etc., etc., etc. you are.

Ignorance is bliss, and I prefer to think of the Y U W I E payment system in the following terms:

People Who Look at Your Page x Time You'd be Wasting Online Anyway = $$$ Free Money $$$ + LOL!!!

The people behind Y U W I E are geniuses. In the end, it's still all about fun and friends, right? So come join Yuwie and be my buddy! Let's start getting paid! 

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